Our Story

Vinny Fazzari is an award winning American singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He was raised off the Southern California coast on an island in a little tiny village called Avalon. This is where his love for music began.

He started out playing drums at age 4, then switched to guitar when his mother turned him onto one of her favorite groups, The Beatles. By age 9 Vinny started writing and putting together rock bands playing his Gibson Melody Maker given to him by his uncle who had been teaching Vinny guitar. But at 14 he was back to playing drums but this time professionally at a famous nightclub hotspot called The Waikiki. Vinny gained invaluable stage experience learning from these older guys who had already been honing their crafts for most of their lives. Vinny wasn't actually allowed to be in the club it being a 21 and older establishment, so whenever the band took a break, Vinny needed to exit the building through a door behind the drum kit, sitting out on the curb of the sidewalk till he was called in for the next set. Sitting out there was so boring he'd say but it was worth it for the next set was coming and something exciting to look forward to. 

Vinny made a name for himself after moving off the island when he arrived in Venice Beach. He was attracted to the artsy lifestyle Venice had to offer. And not long after that one of his lifelong dreams came true. He opened his very own professional recording studio in Ocean Park, Santa Monica
. He engineered and produced bands and solo artists and worked with the likes of Bob Dylan, Jesse Ed Davis, John Trudell, Earth Wind and Fire, Jeff Berlin, Steve Smith of Journey to name a few. He also placed his own songs in motion picture and scored 2 films. 

But Vinny has always been first and foremost a singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, musicologist. His friend Lee Curreri from the movie and tv series Fame, heard Vinny's demo tape and immediately introduced him to a manager who absolutely loved Vinny's music and took him under his wing. He sent Vinny to Europe to pursue his musical career. Based in Amsterdam, Vinny toured throughout Europe. Eventually his music hit the charts reaching the top 20 twice. 

While in The Netherlands, Vinny caught word that he had been nominated for an award at the Los Angeles Music Awards. So he traveled back to LA to possibly redeem his prize. Well to his surprise he won for best international solo artist of the year at the red carpet event so the trip was well worth it.


Vinny is currently working on his latest album that will be released at the end of 2022. He is very excited to be releasing new material for all of you. So once it's out, please turn that music up!!!